Getting my groove back

After moving from warm, sunny, beautiful Playa del Carmen, I struggled a bit to get into an exercise routine.  Kansas was hit hard 3 times since moving back in January with large and heavy snow storms that left me stranded inside or avoiding going outside unless completely necessary. You may remember this photo I posted last month.


Since joining my new team at work, I’ve finally started to get into a routine that works for me again.  I’ve been running, on the treadmill mostly, doing my own high intensity weight training, and even finding a little time twice a week for a yoga class.  It certainly isn’t like my two-a-days in Playa, but I’m trying to make working full-time, being a good wife and companion, and looking healthy and feeling good while trying to do it all.  I’ve started to realize that life as I know it won’t end if there is a basket full or laundry to do or a sink full of dishes, and to understand that everything important, eventually, will get done.  Yes, it’s easier said than done.

Because I know everyone slacks off every once in awhile, I made some tips for getting your groove back and finding an exercise routine that works for you.

1.  Everything counts- Many times, I didn’t have the time to go to the gym, exercise, come home, shower, etc… Instead of trying to fit in an hour workout, the dog and I go for a short walk.  He needs the exercise just like we do, and often time, I only have 15 minutes.  So, Ace and I power walk!  It isn’t CrossFit, but every little bit counts.

2.  Eat healthy- I am not immune from junk food or chocolate cravings, but when you aren’t making it to the gym as regularly as you want, watch what you eat.  When I know I can’t get to the gym, I work on getting my body’s metabolism working as efficiently as possible.  I have tired a complete Reset, and I felt great.  I usually don’t advocate crazy diets, they don’t work, but “resetting” or cleansing your body of toxins and really listening to your body is a good way to understand what your body needs.

3.  Go easy on yourself- If you fall off the wagon, i.e. go on a junk food binge, skip a few workouts, stay up late, etc… those little slip ups won’t make you gain 10 pounds or add an extra minute to your mile.  It’s okay to have a “free” day, but these should be done very, very rarely.


Even Barbie has junk food binges!

4.  Find motivation- Sometimes when I need a little pep talk, but no one is around to give me one, I turn to some of my favorite blogs.  There are tons of exercise and health food blogs out there.  Find one that you love reading and that inspires you to live well.  Some of my favorites include:

The Fitnessista

Mind Body Green

Run Eat Repeat

If you are eating well AND using that extra 15 minutes well, you will naturally move to a routine that works for you.  If after a month, you still can’t make time for more exercise, try scheduling exercise, meditation, sleep on your calendar.  Your body will thank you.



2 thoughts on “Getting my groove back

  1. Thoughtful and insiteful post. I spent the last twenty years getting out if shape Then decided a year ago to get back in shape. 12 months of hard work and I made it

    • Hi Greg, Thanks for the comment. Good for you! I’m glad you have reached your goals. Keep up the good work.

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